Frequently Asked Questions

If you are needing further guidance, we hope you’ll be able to find your answers here. If not please send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How much are your Grow at Home Kits? Our Grow at Home Kits are £15 for a standard kit and contain everything you need to grow up to three beautiful bouquets of edible Grey Oyster Mushroms, right on your kitchen window sill.

Even more can flourish in your garden, once you finish with your kit indoors, break up your substrate block ad crumble into a woodchip pile, some plant pots or your flower bed, and that’ll allow the mycelium to gather more nutrients and grow mushrooms in your garden too.

How do I order a Grow at Home Kit? Head to our SHOP page to see your buying options. If you’ve any questions do get in touch

Is postage included in the price of the Grow at Home Kit? Yes, we’ve included second class tracked post with Royal Mail. Orders places before 2pm Mon-Sat will be posted that day.

I have recieved my Grow at Home Kit but I cannot find the instructions, what do I do? Take a browse through our Grow at Home page, the visual guide and in FAQ’s.

My Grow at Home Kit has yellow Liquid in it, is that okay? The yellow liquid are a very normal part of mushroom growing, it is a by-product of the mycelium growth and called Metabolites.

How do I know where to cut the Jute bag and plastic bag? There is a mark on the plastic bag for you to follow. Use clean scissors or sharp knife to follow the line. The jute bag opening just requires an X opening to be cut, open it to allow air and moisture, and light to the place where your plastic bag has been cut.

I have soaked my substrate block for longer than it says in the instructions is that okay? That isn’t a problem, just carry on with the set up instructions and your Grow at Home Kit will be fine and still fruit Oyster Mushrooms

It has been two weeks and I cannot see any mushrooms. Is there something wrong with my Grow at Home Kit? Some Grow at Home Kits take a little longer. So hold on for a couple more days. Ensure your kit is wet enough, kept at a good stable room temperatue and air can get to the substrate block, where you made your cuts in the plastic bag. The edges may need a little teasing away, this is to allow more light and air. Feel free to send us update pictures, if you need advice.

How much water do my Mushrooms need? After the initial soaking of your block you will need to keep the small plate or bowl topped up with water. AND you’ll need to spray your substrate block as often as you can, throughout the day. Plenty of water and your mushrooms will thank you. Once little mushroom pins appear, you will need to ensure they get watered a couple of times a day. You can flick water on them with your hand or use an old toothbrush orjust quickly pop under a lightly running tap.

How do I know when the mushrooms are ready to pick? Once the caps begin to flatten out, your mushrooms are ready to harvest. We have many example pictures of our perfect Oyster mushrooms on our Instagram ShiitakeJustGotReal

How do I store my Grey Oyster mushrooms? Oyster mushrooms store well in the fridge for a few days, ideally in a paper bag. If they do begin to dry out, do not worry, they still cook very well and are just as tasty as they soak up any cooking liquid in your recipe.

How do I cook my Oyster Mushrooms? We have a great selection of tips and ideas on our Instagram #ShiitakeJustGotReal or Our facebook page has lots of recipes and cooking ideas. Join us and we love to see you share your dishes.

What do I do once I have harvested my first mushrooms? You will need to allow your block to rest and grow more mycelium. Tape up the hole in the plastic bag. Dry out your jute bag and store somewhere cool, dark and dry for a couple of weeks. The revive your block by soaking again and starting the process as before. You can do this a couple of times and will successfully grow more fushes of mushrooms. The next growths may take a little longer then the first but have patience, water your substrate often and they will come.

What do I do with my block once I have finished growing mushrooms with it? You could use it to grow vegetable or flower seeds. Your substrate block is full of goodness and nutrients, that are still useful once you have had your mushrooms. Simply crumble the block into suitable pots, by itself or mix with potting compost and follow the instructions on any seed packet. You can also crumble straight onto your garden bed or into your compost bin.

Is the plastic bag recycleable? Yes, the plastic bag is recycleable. You can take it to any large supermarket and dispose of it, at their recycle point, as you would with your sliced bread bags or plastic carrier bags.

What do I do with the Jute bag once I’ve finished with my Grow at Home Kit? We use our bags to grow our seeds in, just roll the top down or cut the top off, to a level where you are able to use it, crumble to substrate into it and plant some seeds. Or, the bag can also go straight into your garden compost bin.