Jam Jar Mushrooms

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Jam Jar kits are £5 plus postage.

Follow our simple instructions to get your mushrooms growing.

Welcome to your Grow Your Own Oyster Mushroom Kit.   

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What’s inside your Grow Your Own kit:

Your jar is filled with an amazing mushroom substrate. We have already colonized it with Grey Oyster mushroom mycelium. The mycelium is the mushrooms root system bonding all the ingredients together and what your Oyster mushrooms will grow from.

How to get it started:

First you need to rehydrate the contents of the jar.  Open the jar and fill to the top with water, completely covering the contents.  This will slowly soak down into the substrate, so you will need to keep topping the jar up over the next 10-12 hours.  After10-12 hours tip out any excess water and place the jar in a bright, well ventilated spot, as Oyster mushrooms require light to grow. You will need to keep the top of the jar damp so located near a sink is perfect.

Spray or wet the opening every day throughout the day.  This keeps the surface of the substrate from drying out and will encourage growth. Once you start to see your Oyster primordia appear, they will need to be sprayed twice a day to keep them hydrated, please continue to mist/spray/drench under tap whilst the primordia continue to grow. Your Oyster mushrooms will prefer a steady temperature between 14-19°

When to harvest:

Your mushrooms should be ready to harvest 5-7 days after they first appear.  To remove either snip at the base with scissors or pinch and twist close to the base of your cluster.  For the perfect pick think about harvesting your Oyster mushrooms when their caps start flattening out


Once you have harvested your Oyster mushrooms, they’ll keep well wrapped inside a paper bag and stored in the fridge until you’re ready to eat them. See our Facebook recipe page and Instagram for inspiration.

How to get more mushrooms from your kit:

By letting the contents rest after each flush, this gives the mycelium a chance to recharge.  With each flush there are less nutrients to nourish mycelium so you may get fewer mushrooms, and these may take a little longer to appear, but you can keep going until there’s no more output. Then distribute the substrate into your garden, so the mycelium can grow, and gather more nutrients and it may continue to develop mushrooms in your flower bed, or plant pots.

After you have harvested your mushrooms, replace the jar lid and leave to rest for a week somewhere dark.  Then start again by re-soaking and repeat the process. 

Any questions please contact us at enquiries@caleybrothers.co.uk