King Oyster mushroom

The King of the Oyster Mushrooms.  Also known as the trumpet mushroom or ‘Eryngii’.  These are the largest of the Oyster Mushroom family and hailed for their meaty texture and umami flavour – there’s that word again.  Umami, making you want more.  And you get a whole lot more with these glorious mushrooms.

As part of the big mushroom for meat swaps these bad boys have all bases covered, but where do you start? 

If you’ve never cooked with a King Oyster Mushroom before you’ll be amazed at how well they replicate most meaty forms.  A good start is to use them in a simple stir-fry or coconut curry. They’re firm and fibrous, and you can tear them in strips to imitate chicken.  Simply fried as you would your chicken they look like chicken, cook like chicken and have the same texture as chicken – only better. 

King Oyster Scallops are a favourite of ours.  Sliced lengthways and fried with some Facon seasoning (totally vegan-we use Deliciou Bacon seasoning) and they’re a great butty filling. 

Wicked Healthy champion these mushrooms brilliantly in their online video –

High in protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and other antioxidants. Low in calories, no fat, no cholesterol, gluten free and very low in sodium like most other mushrooms the King Oyster Mushroom is a great ingredient to get to know and to use in all your cooking favourites.

We’ll keep posting our great bakes and ideas showcasing this amazing King of the Oyster Mushrooms on our insta and facebook page @caleybrothers  if you have any cooking gems do let us see – 

Since first posting about King Oyster Mushrooms we’ve been inundated with questions about where to buy King Oyster Mushrooms.  We get ours from a long established mushroom stall in Notting Hill, London.  But you can also buy them from food markets, in Whole Food shops and from larger supermarkets.  Don’t be afraid to ask at your local grocers or message us, we’ll source them and post them out.

So all hail the King Oyster Mushroom, a name well earned and one to be celebrated in all your culinary adventures.  Mush Love x

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