Large Grow At Home Grey Oyster Mushroom Kit


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Our larger sized kits offer you twice as many mushrooms. Double the size of our regular Grey Oyster Mushroom kits.  Giving you the freshest of produce, to be picked and cooked as soon as they are ready. You are able to get three flushes from each kit. The substrate is an excellent soil conditioner once finished growing, and you’re likely to get more oyster mushrooms growing in your garden too.

You’ll delight in the growing process and see how simple we’ve made being able to grow your own mushrooms. Just add water!

The perfect gift for an aspiring chef or conscientious foodie, a green fingered enthusiast or growing novice, any food loving carnivore or plant based diner. Our kits also make a great science project and will wow your socks off if you’ve never grown mushrooms before.

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