About us

The original Caley Brothers

Our grandparents started a grocery delivery service in 1960’s, bought a huge white truck, drove to borough market to get stock in the early hours of each morning, then travelled round the local housing estates to take both fresh and homemade produce to locals. After a time they founded a shop premises in Molesey, Surrey and ran a successful business there with the family for many years.

We thought it only right to re-establish the name, with their blessing, once we’d started our Mushroom business.

and now

We are siblings in Sussex growing Fresh Oyster mushrooms and creating Grow your own kits, developing mushroom products.

We are passionate about eating delicious, nutritious food. Home grown produce is a huge part of that. Growing seeds, planting potatoes, and even the odd mushroom kit in a damp cupboard sit fondly in our childhood memories. Food has always brought us together. Now growing and learning to grow mushrooms together has given us more than we could have imagined. We’ve plenty of plans to grow all kind of interesting, delicious and nutritonally beneficial mushrooms, to develop various mushroom cooking ingredients, to find our place at local farmer’s markets, and to write our own recipe pages from the ideas we have collected on our facebook recipe group. Its a great journey to be on, we have endless ideas. Follow us here https://www.instagram.com/caleybrothers/

We are passionate about growing in a low-tech, sustainable way. Sharing our love for re-using and recycling everything we can, saving from landfill as much as possible during mushroom growing, and product design. We grow on used coffee grounds, saw dust from a local woods mill and straw. And Growing in food grade re usable plastic buckets.

  • We use jute bags in our kits, because they are a compostable bag from the jute plant. We save them from landfill. They are first used to transport coffee beans to the UK.
  • We save used coffee grounds from landfill, collect from Trading post in Brighton and use them to feed our mushroms both in our Grow at Home kits and on our mushroom Farm
  • The humus created after our substrate is spent, gets recycled as using as highly nutritional compost for more plants and vegetables.

The world really is your Oyster (Mushroom)